Solar Surveillance Trailers With A 360 View

Mobile Security Trailers for Any Job Site

360 View’s Solar Surveillance Trailers are mobile, self-sustaining security solutions for your job site, event, or retail parking lot.

Rent security trailers and protect your most valuable assets with the most advanced surveillance and monitoring system on the market.

  • Monitor valuable assets
  • Deter crime
  • Continuous recording
Surveillance Camera Installation Las Vegas

Reliable and Innovative Cutting-Edge Surveillance Systems

360ViewLV stands tall as Las Vegas, Nevada's premier security camera and surveillance company. Renowned for cutting-edge technology and expert solutions, it excels in safeguarding your businesses. With a robust range of high-quality cameras and state-of-the-art surveillance systems, they provide unparalleled security. Committed to customer satisfaction, their reliability and innovation make them the go-to choice for protecting what matters most in Vegas.

Mobile Security System Units

Mobile Surveillance Trailer in las vegas


Customizable live-stream access for remote monitoring, the MSU Mini is mounted security to an existing pole, building or fixed position based on your needs. Powered through solar energy, you can install close or far away from your business. We offer pole installations too!



Roll the MSU Standard into place wherever you need to implement additional security without adding expensive man-hours. Portable yet complete, the MSU Standard not only provides imposing visual deterrence.

solar camera system trailer las vega


Like the MSU Standard, the MSU Pro is a mobile and free-standing tower of security power. But with greater size comes greater coverage flexibility and powerful audible sirens and visual strobe lighting.

Why Choose 360 View LLC

Mobile Security System installation Las Vega

Save Time

No need to schedule extensive installations, call us and begin self-monitoring right away


Save Money

Only pay for what you need. Larger discounts for extended rentals.

Best Security Camera and Surveillance Company

Flexible Terms

No contract obligations, only rent for the time you need


Mobile Security Trailers Las Vegas

Auto Dealerships

360 Viewlv can help protect your auto dealership with real-time.

Commercial Security and Surveillance Las Vegas

Commercial Properties

As an alternative to expensive and often less than reliable guard staffing.

Commercial Security and Surveillance Las Vegas

Construction Site Security

Through the right combination of flexible surveillance hardware.

Solar Surveillance Company in Las Vegas

Corporate Security

360 Viewlv offers an alternative – the application of advanced technologies

solar camera system trailer las vegas

Utilities & Energy Security

Our 360 Viewlv Security Engineers will design a tailored solution

Solar Surveillance Company in Las Vegas

Government Agencies

Through advanced security technologies and remote monitoring.

Get The Expert Insights You Need For Effective Security.

360 View LLC is the best commercial security and surveillance company for security cameras. Whether you’re a small business or large corporations, our job is to keep your company, your assets and your people safe.

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